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Conveyancing Solicitors Quote for Romford, Essex

Average Price of Freehold Property in Romford: £280000

Total Legal Fees VAT and Disbursements for Selling: £1001.80
Total Legal Fees VAT and Disbursements for Buying: £5607.75

If you are buying or selling a leasehold property (flat or maisonette) click here to update to show the Leasehold Fees

As conveyancing solicitors based in Romford Essex we are able to deal with your transaction swiftly giving you the edge in the conveyancing process.

It is useful to know that we have direct links to the local authority, the London Borough of Havering, for swift local authority searches. Many solicitors or licenced conveyancers quote 2-3 weeks for search turnaround in this area. In reality direct searches mean that we can receive them back in less than a week. Useful if time is a pressure such as a 28 day exchange deadline. The link also keeps the searches cost effective at £85.00.  They are also official searches meaning we are not reliant on a search provider interpreting responses - the results come direct from the local authority.

Restrictive Covenant Issues

We are able to operate with a local knowledge of the area. For example we deal with a number of matters on the Emerson Park estate with the nuances of the freehold restrictive covenants and planning policy. Often our clients in this area are developers or self builders looking to enhance or rebuild the existing plots.

Parts of Upminster are also still bound by restrictive covenants which are dealt with a by prominent local property surveyors and agents.

In Elm Park (and in the Rylands Estate in Dagenham) much of the land is subject to covenants in favour of Richard Costain Limited. They require the homeowner to obtain their consent for any alterations or extensions by sending plans for approval. These are less problematic as the company took a policy decision in the 1970s so that they no longer require application for approval. This effectively waives the need to obtain their consent (we have a helpful letter to that effect).

We can deal with the restrictive covenants in a number ways including obtaining (or asking the seller to obtain at their own cost) indemnity insurance against the risk of enforcement of these covenants if there is a real risk of enforcement. 

Planning Issues

As noted above certain areas have special planning rules which can affect what you may be able to build on the land you buy.  

Some areas, such as in the Gidea Park conservation area,  also have some planning restrictions on "Permitted Development Rights" for the area and the article 4 direction in that area can prove to be a difficulty for lawyers from outside the area. Permitted Development Rights normally allow small scale development e.g. satellite dishes or extensions to be built without the need for planning permission. These rights are curtailed to various degrees in this area.

Leasehold Ex Local Authority

At the other end of the scale we are experienced in dealing with right to buy and ex-right to buy (council) property which are now on the open market. Buying a leasehold flat as a first time buyer or as an investor in Harold Wood Harold Hill and Romford can seem like a sensible step with a low service charge. However the service charge levels should not be taken on face value - it is important to obtain the management pack from Homes for Havering, who maintain the ex council stock, because often, especially on low rise blocks, there are plans to carry out major works on the building over the coming years and as there is no sinking or reserve fund to cover this cost this can significantly increase the service charge over the coming years. Further there can be an outstanding major works bill which will need to be repaid by the seller's lawyer on completion.


It is difficult to summarise all the areas in which we can help you in your conveyancing transaction but the above are just examples types of local issues in the Romford area and the surrounds where we can help you with your move.

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