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Conveyancing Solicitors Quote for Conveyancing Quote in Brentwood

Average Price of Freehold Property in Brentwood: £372000

Total Legal Fees VAT and Disbursements for Selling: £1001.80
Total Legal Fees VAT and Disbursements for Buying: £5207.75

If you are buying or selling a leasehold property (flat or maisonette) click here to update to show the Leasehold Fees

Brentwood Conveyancing Quote

We specialise in conveyancing matters (buying and selling) in Brentwood

Always popular in the Brentwood area are the two bedroom "cottages" (agents speak for terraced houses) sought by first time buyers / young commuters close to Brentwood mainline station - often on Crescent Road or Great Eastern Road or the roads surrounding. Competition for these houses has always been high. Having a conveyancer aware of the time critical. nature of such offers is helpful to securing the deal or tying up your buyer.

There are also a number of nearly new leasehold properties on Rollason Way which are often popular with commuters and investors looking for sound buy to let rentals. We can deal with the complicated planning title which surrounds these units and explain the service charge provisions for these blocks to you. There are a number of other flats in the area - converted houses are common for example the small blocks on Rose Valley. There are also a number of newly constructed / converted flats in Hart Street (behind Brentwood High Street) and Richmond Avenue/ in the Highwoods Development.

There are a number of good value ex-local authority properties in the East Ham estate close to Brentwood and in Hutton. Some of which are former Brentwood Borough Council property and for historical reasons some are London Borough of Newham. Various restrictive covenants may affect the land which may restrict buildings or extensions on the land so you need to be careful if you have a generous plot ripe for development. Consent from the council or indemnity insurance may be appropriate.

We also deal with the surrounding 'villages' and outlying areas where larger more family oriented homes and bungalows exist- Mountnessing, Doddinghurst, Ingrave, Pilgrims Hatch, West Horndon and Hutton Village. 

We are experienced in dealing with the high end properties on the Hutton Mount estate (with its particular quirks for restrictive covenants and private roadways), Fryerning, Great Warley, South Weald and Thorndon Approach (Herongate) where you will find the top end of the scale in terms of price for the area. Unlike most lawyers our PI cover is £10,000,000 (not £2 million) which gives you the comfort and confidence to know your transaction is being dealt with by solicitors with sufficient insurance to cover even the most expensive property in Brentwood. It is also reflective of the nature of the work we do - high end/high value.

As a local firm with lawyers who live in Brentwood you can obtain a free conveyancing quote (no personal details or email address required) by completing the details to the left. No need to use a firm in the far reaches of the country where access to your lawyer may be limited and you can't pop into the office to drop in and sign documents. We have free parking at the front of our building. We are still a modern firm – all our lawyers have direct line and direct emails – this is the preferred means of communication for many clients

We also provide a high quality service - we are part of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme and are recognised as the best commercial property solicitor in Essex by the Legal 500.


Deadlines to Exchange - Practical Advice for Brentwood Conveyancing

We often find when property is scarce on the open market, as is often the case in [town],  that in addition to making best and final bids  on property there is some pressure to tie up the sale within a specific period. This information is useful to include in your offer so you can make the seller aware that you are able to move quickly but you are also realistic about the time frame. Typically there are three factors to consider if you are a non dependent or first time buyer and one further factor if you are dependent on your own sale.

These are:

 1. The Contract Package - i.e.draft contracts, title documents and supporting documents from the seller's own conveyancing solicitor. This can be dealt with easily by wording your offer on the basis that your deadline to exchange does not commence until you are in receipt of the full package of papers i.e. "We agree to exchange contracts within 20 working days [better than 28 days because you won't lose bank holidays and 20 looks on first glace better than 28] of receipt of a full contract package including the contract, copies of the title deeds and the completed property information forms and contents questionnaire"

2. The Searches - the local authority search in Brentwood takes between 1-5 working days. Any other searches required e.g. water and drainage, environmental and flood, planning searches all take similar time frames so you can be confident that you will get the searches back in time. We can always do a check at the time your offer is successful.

3. The Mortgage - this can be difficult to estimate because it depends on the lender, your specific circumstances and the checks the lender needs to make on you financially to approve a formal offer and the valuation report (which typically is not ordered by the lenders until the financial checks are made and during boom periods the valuers may be in short supply leading to delays). This may be a difficult area to predict.

You may also need to consider your own private survey if you are not upgrading the mortgage valuation - this is normally not that difficult to do within a short time frame. The best advice is to get the private survey booked early on - it identifies problems but by having the survey you will put the seller's mind at rest that you are committing to the purchase. 

If you are selling you also need to be aware of your buyer's position (and the remainder of the chain below) and identifying the position with mortgage offers and searches can be time consuming and ultimately unclear unless the chain is well advanced. It is therefore very difficult to agree to tight timeframes if you have a related sale.

For a non dependent purchase we would suggest a deadline of 15-20 working days should be realistic for the Brentwood area subject to advice from your mortgage company/ broker on the mortgage offer timeframe.

One final tip. It is better to make an offer with a relatively short deadline to exchange even if you think it may be unrealistic - it is often easier to extend that when you are further down the road when the contract has been issued to your lawyer - you can then ask for more time to exchange which invariably is given provided the seller can see real commitment to the matter and that progress has been made.


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For further help or a quote on your circumstances call Mark Sadler on 01708 757575 or email mbs@ker.co.uk for a quote. Please give us a few details about the property you are buying or selling (or both) i.e. the price, whether you have a mortgage and if it is freehold or leasehold and we will send a specific quote to you.

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